Southfork Campgrounds
Clinton, Arkansas

122 Cato Road, Sherwood, Arkansas 72120

Ron's Cell: 501-920-3999 | Patty's Cell: 501-416-3634 | Clinton/Southfork: 501-745-4810

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Equine and Wagons have the right of way**

As with the rules of ōf Ranch, this is an equine and wagon activity and must be your primary transportation during your stay with us.  You may drive your vehicles to:

  1. Get water and use showers.
  2. The track to watch the races and the starting line after the races to walk up to the top after the performances.


Campsite fees paid to SOUTHFORK CAMPGROUNDS are independent of any costs pertaining to the National Finals Chuckwagon Races held at ōf Ranch. You MUST enter through the National Finals Chuckwagon Race West Gate and pay all fees due for the races before entering Southfork Campgrounds.

If you are a new camper, you must come to the little blue house at SOUTHFORK and you will be shown to your sites.  Do not set up on a campsite you have not officially been assigned to even if it is empty.  Likewise, if you arrive to find squatters, please let us know as SQUATTERS WILL BE REMOVED. Do not mark your spot with permanent signs.

All refunds require a 30 day written notice by email or snail mail and it is your responsibility to verify receipt of notice.  In your 30 day written notice, you must specify if you want a refund which acknowledges you forfeit rights to the site for future years OR refuse a refund to maintain rights to the site(s) and inform us of your intent to send your friends as your replacement for that year or instruct us to simply re-rent your site for the year of cancellation.  You are only allowed to do this for 1 year; second year that you can’t make it is an automatic loss of your rights to that site.

As with the ōf Ranch, we welcome you to camp on Sunday night after the races but we also expect you to respect the fact that once this event is over, SOUTHFORK CAMPGROUNDS returns to a private ranch.

**Both equine and wagons MUST forfeit right of way to ōfand SF Official vehicles as well as all emergency vehicles.  Mandatory compliance!    

Always be courteous to other drivers in need of the road! Especially when pulling trailers!!!!

Southfork Base Camp Phone 501-745-4810 Emergency Use Only**

** We all know cell phones don’t work in all places. While you are here, please feel free to leave this number with family members. We will do our best to deliver EMERGENCY messages to your campsite ASAP.